Eternal youth.
Low cost.
Endless possibilities.

Our Vision

Whether it's old age, illness or simple depression, we've all feared death's cold embrace.

Our vision is a comprehensive, cross-state plan that would allow ordinary families to afford an elixir of life that will forever stave off that pesky reaper.

Our materials are sourced naturally from hermits who have kept their secrets safe for centuries. None can speak of them or know their countless names but they have one goal: satisfaction.

Can I Afford This?


None of us were meant to become billionaires. Instead of charging some exorbitant cost to keep our service billed as luxury we chose a confidential, highly personal payment plant that covers what you are both able and wanting to give.

Please contact us today here if that sounds like something right for you.

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Don't just take our word for it!

"Fear of death was holding me back."

Ever since contacting Elixir of Life I've felt amazing. I'm more healthy and energetic than ever! The air smells sweeter, the colors look more vibrant. My cataracts are gone and my asthma hasn’t bugged me at all!

Betsy Rogers, Flight Technician

"My mother had been diagnosed with cancer."

Our family was devastated. One simple, mysterious phone call later and we were set on an Elixir of Life plan that fit our budget. Fast forward and now she's taken up dancing, grown back her hair and can devour an entire turkey in a matter of seconds!

Cliff Clartowski, Cartographer

"Our daughter had been bedridden for months."

Fearing the worst we contacted Elixir of Life and they were eager to help. She's been a healthy seven year old girl for over five years now!

Jane Pharmins, Stenographer

"All shall become dust."

But in the wax and wane of civilizations there has been naught an elixir that prolongs thy’s existence to this extent, and at such a bargain. I shall shed a tear once they too rest in oblivion.

Xiroth the Unending, Unknown

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